Fact Systems™

DDSS Base Station


DDSS Base Station is an optional hardware and software suite that elevates your DDSS experience with better command & control capabilities. The Base Station has permanent radio contact with all systems and monitors live.

It records events like drone hits during a training when using the DDSS system. The data is displayed on the monitor. It allows a live data feed plus a standard AAR (after action view).

The DDSS Base Station is an optional product – your DDSS works without it as well. However, the DDSS Base Station improves your experience in training by allowing you to collect metrics of the training session, evaluate details and track progress.

  • Live monitoring of all data with live permanent updates
  • Software guarantees total control
  • Real-time event display
  • Different modes for various training scenarios
  • Friendly fire evaluation
  • Detailed hits analysis by participant