Fact Systems™

DDSS Laser Unit


The Laser Unit is a key component of our Drone Defense Simulation System (DDSS). Designed with compatibility and efficiency in mind, this laser unit can be mounted on any firearm rail, allowing seamless integration with your existing equipment. It uses infrared laser technology which ensures a very high precision. Our superior laser technology allows to shoot through glass as well.

With an impressive range of up to 1000 meters / 3300 feet, the laser unit enables you to accurately simulate the experience of engaging with airborne threats. Whether you’re training in open fields or enclosed spaces, the laser unit’s extended range ensures an immersive, realistic training experience.

An integrated microphone detects the shot from the gun and triggers the laser. It’s also possible to quickly and easily adjust the sensitivity of the microphone. The laser unit fits on all standard rail mounts and is easy to assemble.

If you prefer not to use the microphone, an optional trigger button is available which can be fitted onto any firearm.

The Laser Unit works with any kind of weapons, such as Blue Guns (with dry fire mode), Airsoft guns, original weapons with blanks or any kind of other training weapon.

Built for endurance and reliability, our laser unit is a robust training companion that withstands rigorous use.