Fact Systems™

Rifle Laser Unit


We use a special infrared laser and thus enable high precision and, in combination with our sensors of the receiver units, strong light insensitivity. The Laser Unit Rifle can be quickly and easily mounted on all long guns with Picatinny rail. The Laser Unit Rifle works with black rifles, blue rifles, gas softair rifles, electric softair rifles etc., with the additional use of the Manual Trigger even with plastic rifles. It is therefore possible to train almost cost-neutrally.

The sensitivity of the acoustic sensor is adjusted on the laser unit, the triggering of the laser is optimally adapted to the respective weapon system used (black weapons, blue weapons, gas softair weapons, electric softair weapons etc.). Various extensions of the acoustic sensor are available to place the sensor as close as possible to the sound source if required.

Due to the range of up to 1000m, precision shooters can also be included in an exercise/training.

Of course, our rifle laser unit is certified as Laser Class 1 and does not require any additional protective equipment such as is required when using paint marking ammunition.



Main features:

  • Laser class 1
  • Range up to 1000m
  • High precision
  • Can be mounted on Picatinny rail
  • Works with black guns, blue guns, gas softair guns, electric softair guns and plastic guns etc)
  • Requires 1 pc. 18650 battery