Fact Systems™

Body Central Unit


The Body Central Unit is the heart of the man worn system. It is in permanent radio communication with other components such as the Head Unit, Leg Unit and the Laser Units.

The Body Central Unit is like a carrying frame and fits perfectly on the body. It can be adjusted in size.

The Body Central Unit can be adapted to a Molle loop system. It can also be worn as a cover over all clothing.


Main features:

  • Ergonomic for best wearing comfort
  • Adjustable to body size
  • Hit indication optical/haptic/acoustic
  • Hit LEDs can be activated or deactivated
  • 360 degree hit zone
  • 2 subdivided hit zones: Upper body and arms
  • Adjustable number of hits leading to neutralisation of the user
  • 22 sensors and 6 hit LEDs
  • Customised solutions at extra charge