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Evolution is the constant progress in knowledge and the replacement of the good with the better. We have committed ourselves to this principle.

Designed for police, military and authorities, the FACT system offers dynamic, stationary shooting exercises and more, without requiring additional protective equipment.

The inventor of SIMGUN has totally rethought the product to make it even more accessible, convenient, precise and effective to use.

Experience the
FACT System

The FACT Training System is designed for live and After Action Review (AAR) evaluations. It’s developed specifically for police, authorities and military, and accommodates a range of firearms, including pistols and both short and long guns.

The system is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, without the need for additional safety regulations. It supports a variety of training exercises, including Close Quarters Battle (CQB), and caters to instruction, consolidation, and application levels.

It enables both dynamic and stationary shooting and facilitates the integration of K9 squads, precision shooters, targets, and more. The system is even capable of simulating shots fired through glass and macrolon targets.

it has a shooting range of up to 1000 meters. The system does not require any additional protective equipment for either the user or their opponent.


the better is the enemy of the good

That's why it's only logical to use our product THOR to replace what we've had so far, with something better. The heart of THOR is our single sensor, which sets a new standard, with minimal dimensions and maximum flexibility. THOR offers the user the most modern technology, combined with ease of use and maximum freedom to adapt all parameters to suit themselves and their needs.

Real Shot Feedback with

The T-Shock™ system enhances the realism of your training by simulating the impact and degree of injury when hit, limiting the user’s freedom of action through controlled muscle contraction. It provides 10 adjustable stimulation levels to tailor your experience, and can be utilized with either 2 or 4 standard pads or a convenient armlet, ensuring versatility in use. 

Maximum Laser Precision

Our system is designed for high precision. The precise laser beam keeps his size at all shooting distances up to 1000m, which makes our product unrivaled.

Drone Defense Training Unit

Training to quickly and accurately shoot down a drone is an invaluable skill in the event of a drone attack. With our Drone Defense Simulation System (DDSS), you can perfect this crucial defensive technique, ensuring immediate and decisive action when quick response times are critical.

Live & After Action Review

Our optional command & control software elevates your  training experience by tracking shots and other relevant metrics in an easy-to-use digital platform.




Discover how FACT can elevate your training capabilities. Reach out to our team for more information or to schedule a demo, or directly buy our products through our online store.