Fact Systems™

THOR – Single Sensor

The THOR Single Sensor is our new spearhead.

“One for all” is FACT SYSTEMS’ idea behind the development of our THOR system. At its heart is our SINGLE SENSOR, which makes it possible for the first time to cover a wide range of applications with just one product. With just the smallest of adaptations, it is now possible to simplify the complexity of a laser-based FACT TRAINING SYSTEM to such an extent that our Single sensor is the perfect solution for 80 percent of applications.
We at FACT SYSTEMS have listened: in many conversations with special forces users who repeatedly emphasized how important it would be not to be impaired when wearing a sensor vest in their “control panel”—the tactical equipment.
And that is not so easy, as police officers and soldiers are increasingly equipped with tactical equipment. The Single sensor was therefore the logical consequence. We create FACTs with a system: the smallest dimensions, minimum weight and state-of-the-art swarm technology are our ingredients.
But FACT SYSTEMS go one step further. With the Single sensor, we not only want to replace the sensor vest, it can do much more. Innovative solutions turn the Single Sensor into a helmet unit, a wide variety of firing targets, a drone sensor kit and much more. This means that THOR can be used differently every day, as FACT SYSTEMS makes complex tasks incredibly simple and unbeatably efficient with this user-friendly solution.


// minimal form factor for maximum flexibility
// state-of-the-art swarm technology (completely wireless)
// powerful RGB hit LED
// IR hit LED for scenarios in the dark
// inductive charging
// Complete system IP68
// Optional T-Shock belt compatible
// all parameters via NFC interface customizable